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Microeconomists and Humanity's race for sustainability have had few good years since 1976 up to now the 2010s http://worldcitizen.tv  
In 1976 the search for sustainability's exponentials rising began with my father's Xmas survey in The Economist "Entrepreneurial Revolution" and DR Yunus social action teamwork round the Grameen project - the service franchise of banking for the poorest that took 7 years deep development work before it was passed into Bangladeshi constitutional law.  
The reason why we have ended the 2000s with wall street crashes and exponential destructing Euros whose first crisis has been taking demos out of Greece is that the 2 things that most determine what system will compound - metrics and media - have gone viciously off course.
My family has been at the centre of investigative journalism into how to get rid of global professionals who advise on conflict -embedded systems nd replace them with zero-conflict system designers. In 2000 what appered to be the best news was the Brookings publication of Unseen Welth - it daringly announced the 2000s would be decade of compounding unknown global risks until we changed the maths big organistional systems are governed by. When the chairlady of this report showed its conclusions to the incoming adminstration from Texas, the report and her funding were shredded.
So we re left to making the 2010s the most exciting decade - with the whole human race's sustainability  at stake- and networks round dr yunus invite you to join in http://yunusuni.com http://www.globalgrameen.com  

Welcome to Intangibles Crisis Union (ICU) - a project launched by Norman Macrae Foundatio. > Norman's obituaries call him the Unacknowledged Giant. Actuially his life reporting is simpler than most economists to value. He was mentored by Keynes that economists who dont value pro-youth economics (capital that structures family savings to invest in jobs and education for the next generation) are not worth any societys trust. By 1972 Norman saw both the greatest threat and opportunity :

tv advertising had accidentaly spun the dumbest media ever detroying integrity of democracy in its wake

early stundet experimenstb with digital learning networks could be the smarters media of all

Noramn coined the curriculum Entrepreneurial Revolution for readers who wanted a global viewspaper aimed at celebrating the coming net generation as youth's most productive and colaborative time

chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk Norman Macrae Foundation washington DC 1 301 881 1655 


as we became ever more mathematically convinced that the BIg 5 accountants of the 1990s were racing to rule the world with a tangible audit monopoly at the expense of valuing the bottom-up contexts of:

transparent conflict resolution of interests of different constituents of a value exchange

exponential modeling of sustainability impact ( by definition a system is spinning -in one of 2 opposite ways - exponentially growing or exponentially heading towards collapse)

queries welcomed chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk washington dc 1 301 881 1655


Unseen Wealth was part of a parallel reporting process out of DC (200) and Brussels (early 2000s). Dc's version was published in book form- the Brussels version is downloadable by click above exhibit. In both of this continental elites, funds for such research was terminated. In DC, the incoming Bush adminstration from texas was spooked by the prediction that absent of the missing audit risks would compound unseen. In Brussels, politicians said that the public are not interested in such risk analyses and wont be until 3 European Enrons occur in the same year. When chains of banks started to collapse because they all suffered from the same correlated deceptions, the EU still did not restore funds for this most basic of all issues connecting whether a place is investing in int next generation's jobs and livelihoods.

boundary modeliing of how 2 or more systems interact in a network


goodwill modelling seen as how purposeful wealth creation can be designed around above zero-models (all the positive emotional energies that people in hi-trust organisations build with and those in low trust organisations are denied) -these factors go to the heart of service and knowledge economies require different valuation than extracting lifeless things- valuation that needs o be grounded in context just like usable maps , such audits depend on how deeply local data is updated however global the reach of a system or network (system of systems)


you will see that in most of Norman Macrae's writings n the Economist he analyses deep contextual data - and advocates trust in micro-models and openness - interestingly these are the design rules of nature's evolution - so the risk when man first scale system of planet wide scale is governing these (top-down and closed in ways that by definition are the opposite of sustaining our future generations


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Saturday, January 22, 2011

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Business case for hi-level system change


TrillionDollarAudit.com –which are world’s trillion dollar markets? What sustainability purposes are they most responsible for in every community? Where’s the open mapping audit showing that market is free of too big to exist system

sustainable system implementation of economy & society


Social business system books 1 & 2 or Muhammad Yunus; linkin most exciting decades chalenges at worldcitizen.tv; clarify 20 most pursposeful micro capital markets at grameen.tv; join 2050 yuunus bookclub or 10000 dvd club;  help wiki first 100 projects of SMBAworld; contribute to journal and book of joy of economics; help form sustainability 3000 leaders club in time for yunus city & youth jams (1 2) to  celebrate olympics & sustainability 2012 with family investent associates of the microeconomist village of Saint James

system change the greatest challenge facing business


Grameen Economics & Unseen Wealth research – valuetrue pro2.1 crisis unions of intangibles; transparency ; sustainability exponentials - explore multi-win business model - upmicro ; createjobs net

sustainability - the pioneering challenge of retail models

Wal-mart 2004.6

Wholeplanetfoundation other models where quality needs to be the future investment include green - see interface in atlanta: reformation of partners in aid to include youth and of public broadcasting to be for and by the peoples - see worldclassbrands.tv probono "commonwealth" projects of 2011  

capital markets for funds maxing sustainability performance


Reform stockmarkets by 2012 ; micro capital markets needed for sustainability of  1) place crisis (eg job creation & human productivity & zero footprint –eg Interface); 2) trillion dollar purpose crisis

gross national happiness- such as goodwill's energisation of emotional and social capitals


Alan zing chapter – goodwill’s energisation of emotion, social and intellectual  and human capitals; seel also goleman (south boston region: and eu KM & EI  -eg This article has been read 5065 times.Superior Economics -Seeing the Emotional Intelligence of it All
Total corporate responsibility


Special issue of jbm on total corporate brand responsibility
Europewide system change


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